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Linux is the best-known and most-used open source operating system. As an operating system, Linux is software that sits underneath all of the other software on a computer, receiving requests from those programs and relaying these requests to the computer’s hardware. Learn more on our what is Linux resource page.

4 different color terminal windows with code

Show don't tell with Asciinema, an open source terminal session recorder.
Linux keys on the keyboard for a desktop computer

Use the Linux grep and fgrep commands to win your favorite word-based guessing games.
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Linux helps to bridge the digital divide and extend the life of hardware, making it an eco-friendly choice for an operating system.
Command line prompt

Configure your system for rootless containers.
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This Linux tutorial demonstrates how to use script commands to send yourself desktop notifications and reminders.
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Providing bookmarks to your users is helpful and takes advantage of the technology available.
Penguin driving a car with a yellow background authors wrote about the many facets of the Linux ecosystem. Here are 10 of the most popular Linux articles.
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Samba is a flexible file sharing tool that unites all the different platforms you might have running in your organization.