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Linux is the best-known and most-used open source operating system. As an operating system, Linux is software that sits underneath all of the other software on a computer, receiving requests from those programs and relaying these requests to the computer’s hardware. Learn more on our what is Linux resource page.

Linux kernel source code (C) in Visual Studio Code

How this team works to prevent bugs from being merged into the Linux kernel.
bash logo on green background

Automatically perform a set of actions on multiple files with for loops and find commands.

The definition of who is a "Linux user" has grown to be a bigger tent, and it's a great change.
Linux keys on the keyboard for a desktop computer

Organize your terminal like Marie Kondo with tmux.
metrics and data shown on a computer screen

Set up a self-sustained set of basic Linux servers with nothing more than a system with virtualization software, a CentOS ISO, and about an hour of your time.
Linux keys on the keyboard for a desktop computer

A quick rundown of setting up Linux and Windows to dual boot on the same machine, using the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI).
Terminal command prompt on orange background

Learn the tools and commands to check for network connections and add a static network connection in CentOS.
Mesh networking connected dots

GNOME Boxes is a simple way to connect to remote systems, both physical and virtual, using various protocols.