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Give back and support open source

My open source story
David Both's love of learning and fixing things led him to Linux and open source software.Read more

Linux monitoring tools to keep your hardware cool

David Both explains the importance of keeping hardware cool and shares some Linux tools that can help.Read more

My mom requests a Linux computer

Self-described Linux geek David Both shares how he got his mother up and running on Linux.Read more

An open source fan boy shares his story

My open source story
Kevin Cole shares how and why he fell in love with open source software.Read more

Finding Unity in GNOME Shell

Ahead of Unity 8's release, longtime Ubuntu user Jono Bacon explores the GNOME Shell.Read more

Why I choose FLAC for audio

Sheet music with geometry graphic
Linux-loving audiophile Chris Hermansen explains the benefits of lossless audio formats, and why he ultimately chose FLAC for audio.Read more

Embracing the tech world's open source shift

D. Ruth Bavousett shares how she discovered Linux.Read more

Solving clients' problems with open source technology

Middleware expert Dino Ciuffetti clearly remembers his first encounter with Linux back in 1996.Read more