Making the switch to open source as a non-programmer
Eight years after my first big step into open source, I am glad I chose this path.
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The revenge of Linux
In the beginning of Linux they laughed at it and didn't think it could do anything. Now Linux is everywhere!
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5 great talks (that aren't about Linux)
Watch 5 great talks from the past few years that aren't focused on Linux.
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How to upgrade your Fedora Linux system with DNF
Learn how to use the new dnf system-upgrade capabilities in Fedora to make your Linux upgrade process smooth and easy.
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I've been Linuxing since before you were born
Carla Schroder shares tales from when using Linux was a long hike uphill both ways in the snow. Barefoot.
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How I use Linux for theoretical physics
While writing his master's thesis, Jonas gained access to a workstation running Scientific Linux, and a cluster system with a few hundred cores.
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Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition
The new Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition is a good looking and well built machine that runs Ubuntu and Fedora virtually perfectly.
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Open source point of sale systems
Retail businesses, restaurants, and other users of point of sale systems have quite a few open source tools to choose from.
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7 open source games for students
Computer gaming is a $25 billion market in the US, and it is one of the major application development industries. These are just two of the reasons why students should consider getting involved in open source gaming projects for their university course requirements. Other reasons include:
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3 open source desktop publishing tools
You don't need a proprietary tool to design a great layout. Enjoy these open source alternatives to Microsoft Publisher for designing your next print layout.
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