David Both explains the importance of keeping hardware cool and shares some Linux tools that can help.
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Self-described Linux geek David Both shares how he got his mother up and running on Linux.
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My open source story
Kevin Cole shares how and why he fell in love with open source software.
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Sheet music with geometry graphic
Linux-loving audiophile Chris Hermansen explains the benefits of lossless audio formats, and why he ultimately chose FLAC for audio.
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D. Ruth Bavousett shares how she discovered Linux.
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Middleware expert Dino Ciuffetti clearly remembers his first encounter with Linux back in 1996.
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open source music
Audiophile Chris Hermansen shows us a few Linux-compatible places to get high-quality digital music.
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Cesar Brod shares how he discovered Linux during the famous Tanenbaum-Torvalds debate.
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Sreenivas Alapati shares how a love for Linux led to a career in visual effects and a commitment to producing art using open source tools.
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David Both shares his process for solving problems.
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