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D Ruth Bavousett's Nooks and Crannies column explores open source projects that you might not have heard about (yet).

Simplify expense reports with Smart Receipts

Open source mobile app helps you track and submit business expenses and offers white-label customization options.
Open data brain

For developers needing sample data for their applications, Elizabeth is a valuable tool.
The quest for a great text editor: A brief intro to Notepad++

The real power of Notepad++ starts to show up when you want to edit code.
Trick or treat with funny Perl modules

Some of these modules, while obviously fitting into the "frivolous or trivial" category, are...
bibisco, the choice tool for novelists

bibisco supports multiple writing projects, and you can start a new one any time.
Writing an academic paper? Try Fidus Writer

This month we learn about Fidus Writer, a web-based collaborative writing tool made specifically...
LimeSurvey: An open source, feature-rich polling platform

If you want a robust, customizable polling platform with features for complicated surveys and a...
COBOL programming language

Despite rumors that say otherwise, COBOL is still in use today. Learn about the new (or should we...