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Ruth Holloway has been a system administrator and software developer for a long, long time, getting her professional start on a VAX 11/780, way back when. She spent a lot of her career (so far) serving the technology needs of libraries, and has been a contributor since 2008 to the Koha open source library automation suite. Ruth is currently a Perl developer and project lead at Clearbuilt. You can find out more about Ruth's passions and career at her site. She's a mother, grandmother, wife, artist, public speaker, and mommy to the cutest little dog you'll ever meet.

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I'm actually at the Perl Conference in Pittsburgh today, and will be speaking tomorrow about "dead" languages. TL;DR: There really aren't any.

For those involved in the Perl 5 or Perl 6 communities, the Perl Weekly ( is a great roundup of news and useful articles.

Full disclosure--I have, in the past, been one of the editors of PW.