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High-quality free and open source educational resources (OERs) provide teachers, students, institutions, and individuals with books, articles, videos, and other digital content to support learning without the high cost of traditional textbooks and other resources.

Open education

David Usinski explains how OERs benefit students, instructors, educational institutions, and even course writers.
An open card catalog

OER champion Alexis Clifton discusses the state of open education and how N.Y.'s $8 million investment will spur growth.
Flying textbooks

Cable Green, director of Open Education for Creative Commons, shares a deep discussion of the state...
Digital content text on background

The creator of H5P, a free and open source tool for creating interactive, HTML5 content, talks with...
collection of illustrated books tat say open education

Openwords is an open source foreign language learning app providing a customizable lesson builder...
Student desk for open education

Schools can save money and provide better teaching and learning with open source.
collection of illustrated books tat say open education

Brian Hall shares a few of the open source resources he used to teach his college-level Python...
open source button on keyboard

In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at IBM's Quarks IoT...