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Chris Hermansen shares ideas on how to enjoy music in an open environment, how to tinker with music using open source tools, and much more.

3 open source music players: Aqualung, Lollypop, and GogglesMM

Music is a part of life. Wikipedia's article on the history of music contains this great phrase: "...
Design your life's soundtrack with open source music players

We tour the world of open source music players in 2016.
Getting MPDroid working with Archphile-based box

Getting the MPDroid client to work with an Archphile-based box can be challenging, so these...
4 open music players compared: VLC, QMMP, Clementine, and Amarok

We see how four music players, VLC, QMMP, Clementine, Amarok, compare. The author also recommends...
Why the proprietary MQA music encoding system is better than DRM, but still not good

Is MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) a better way to listen to music? Or just another opportunity...
Yellow and red record playing

This month we take 6 open source music players for a musical test drive.
Yellow and red record playing

A search for "open music" reveals that not all open music is truly open.
record playing

You might not have heard of Guayadeque, but it packs features other players lack.