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The Open Music column is written by Chris Hermansen and covers his thoughts on how to enjoy music in an open environment, how to tinker with music using open source tools, and much more.

3 open source music players for Linux

Learn about Museeks, LPlayer, and Elisa, three music players for the Linux desktop.
Building a DIY amp kit that's great for vinyl records

Learn how to put together the Muffsy phono head amplifier kit.
Test driving 4 open source music players and more

Let's take a look at the phono pre-amp kit, four open source music players, and end on a closed source MQA rant.
Build your own phono preamplifier

Whether you want to build a preamp or tinker with other audio equipment, here's how to get started.
Vinyl LP

Here's how to clean your records, set up your connections, and start recording your favorite old tunes with Audacity.
How to digitize your LP records

Do you have old vinyl records lying around? Here's how to revisit those old favorite tunes by digitizing them.
Vinyl LP

Whether you're into Afrobeat, experimental music, or spoken language, these three resources let you peruse a seemingly limitless collection of audio treasures from around the world.
Vinyl LP

By digitizing songs recorded on 78 rpm records from the 1890s to the 1950s, project preserves old music for future generations.