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The Open Music column is written by Chris Hermansen and covers his thoughts on how to enjoy music in an open environment, how to tinker with music using open source tools, and much more.

open source music with piano keys background

Find out what makes a Linux-based open source audio player "audiophile quality."
Woman programming

Let's discuss if there is a need for compressed audio data when CD quality is good enough.
Two hands holding musical notes

This lightweight open source audio OS offers a rich feature set and high-quality digital sound.
4 manilla folders, yellow, green, purple, blue

Using the command line tools to test out the idea that FLAC audio files are inferior to WAV.
video editing dashboard

This fork of Clementine is efficient, easy to install, and offers magnificent high-res audio sound quality.
Black vinyl LP record

Follow this step-by-step guide to build your own phono preamplifier using Muffsy's open source kit.
A guitar amp

Learn about Museeks, LPlayer, and Elisa, three music players for the Linux desktop.
Black vinyl LP record

Learn how to put together the Muffsy phono head amplifier kit.