Opening Up Education column

Don Watkins examines how educators and students can utilize Linux, open source hardware and software, and open educational resources in the classroom.

A new Android app for teaching kids how to read

In this interview, learn about the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, the learning curve of...
Are textbooks in or out? The state of open educational resources

Cable Green, director of Open Education for Creative Commons, shares a deep discussion of the state...
School systems desperate for standards-aligned curricula find hope

Textbook publishers are not deliverying materials that meet the evolving needs of K-12 districts,...
A deep dive into Moodle: The beginning, middle, and today

Martin Dougiamas, Moodle's founder and lead developer, talks with us about why he created Moodle,...
2 free desktop recording tools to try: SimpleScreenRecorder and Kazam

This month we look at two free screen recording tools for Linux: SimpleScreenRecorder and Kazam.
A quick introduction to Audacity for teachers

Students love manipulating digital sound with Audacity. Learn how to use it in the classroom.
LEGO Mindstorms programming with ev3dev

ev3dev is an open source project that allows the Mindstorm user to create a Debian -based operating...
7 resources for open education materials

This month I've rounded up a list of seven open educational resources for K-12 and higher education.