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The Raspberry Pi is a miniature computing platform inspiring a new generation of coders and tinkerers. Read our what is a Raspberry Pi resource page to learn more.

Neon colorized Raspberry Pi cluster with LEGOs

Establish central control over your Raspberry Pis with Cockpit.
Raspberry Pi 3 board

There are a number of different models and versions of the Raspberry Pi computer. But which one is...
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Create multiple SD cards that are preconfigured to create Pi clusters with Cloudmesh Pi Burner.
Alarm clocks with different time

Start counting down the days to your next holiday with a Raspberry Pi and an ePaper display.
Airplane flying with a globe background

Explore the open skies with a Raspberry Pi, an inexpensive radio, and open source software.
Raspberry Pi 4 board

There are plenty of reasons to use your Raspberry Pi at home, work, and everywhere in between. Celebrate Pi Day by choosing one of these projects.
Raspberries with pi symbol overlay

Raspberry Pi 400's support for videoconferencing is a benefit for homeschoolers seeking inexpensive computers.
Mesh networking connected dots

Use OpenWRT to get more control over your network's router.