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The Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE) is one of the largest community-run open source and free software conference in North America. These articles give our community a chance to relive the event no matter where they are in the world. Learn more about the show at their website and join the show in Pasadena, CA.

books in a library, stacks

UCLA Library has been modernizing its digital repository, which was established 15 years ago on now-outdated software.
computer screen

At SCaLE 17, sysadmin Chris McEniry explains a unique approach to managing etcd controllers.
People meeting

Mary Thengvall explains why its important to invest time and energy into building relationships with technical communities, in her SCaLE 17x Lightning Talk.
A keyboard with privacy written on it.

Everyone should be securing their data, whether or not they're doing anything wrong or embarrassing.
Different types of clouds

Host of the Screaming in the Cloud podcast Corey Quinn gives a lighting talk at SCaLE 17x.
Old microphones

Conference presentations open a world of opportunities to advance your career, says 16-year-old veteran tech presenter Keila Banks in her UpSCALE Lightning Talk.
Girl reaching out to the stars

Learn about giving kids opportunities to learn high-demand skills, says World Mentoring Academy's Michael Williams in his UpSCALE Lightning Talk.
Old camera blue is a central place for people interested in photography to learn about free and open source creative software.