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The Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE) is one of the largest community-run open source and free software conference in North America. These articles give our community a chance to relive the event no matter where they are in the world. Learn more about the show at their website and join the show in Pasadena, CA.

Women programming

Learn what it takes to host a successful open source hackathon from Bloomberg's head of open source engagement.
A keyboard with privacy written on it.

Password policies don't work because they don't consider how people use passcodes in real life—but attackers do.
Fail faster

Michael Gat offers tips for responding well to inevitable failure, in his UpSCALE Lightning Talk.
Two animated computers waving one missing an arm

Everyone uses %CPU to measure performance, but everyone is wrong, says Netflix's Brendan Gregg in his UpSCALE Lightning Talk.
Data container block with hexagons

Explore KubeVirt and Kata Containers, two fairly new projects that aim to combine Kubernetes with virtualization.
Scissors cutting open access to files

This open source project helps protect your data privacy and ownership with a low-cost server setup.
Typewriter keys in yellow

Free web fonts from Google Fonts and the Open Font Library have been a game changer, but only in limited ways.
Developing code.

The statistical computing languages R and Python offer similar features. The decision comes down to contrasting philosophies.