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With the increasing popularity of the Internet of Things and cloud services, encryption and security best practices are more important than ever.

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Integrating security throughout the software development lifecycle is important, but it's not always easy.
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Linus's Law is that given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow. How does this apply to open source software security?

CrowdSec's new architecture improves communication among components to better protect systems against cybersecurity threats.
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Michael Boelen shares how he strengthened Lynis by building a company around the open source, security auditing and hardening tool.

Here are manageable ways to keep your systems and data safe and secure.
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Configuration changes to CrowdSec stopped a 7,000-machine botnet in less than a minute.

Open encrypted disks without having to manually enter a passcode by using Network-Bound Disk Encryption (NBDE).
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Find out how to evaluate the integrity of a software package.