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Every month Jono Bacon, leading community manager, shares thoughts and perspectives on the culture, communities, and trends in open source.

red pen editing mistakes

The most common mistakes open source projects make and how to avoid them.
Blocks for building

Try these quick and practical tips to get more people reading the blog content you're creating.
Come in we're open sign

One of an open source project's first challenges is determining the best way for contributors to collaborate.
patent illustration

Why has GPL license usage dropped dramatically? Jono Bacon proposes the change is due to increased...
Two animated computers waving one missing an arm

A story from Jono Bacon about why community leadership matters and why you should be sure to say...
All Things Open check-in at registration booth

Jono Bacon shares five open source conferences he recommends for 2017.
open source button on keyboard

A helpful primer from Jono Bacon if you are considering exploring innersource inside your...
open source music with piano keys background

It runs Linux, uses JACK, and the plugin standard used is LV2.