TensorFlow TensorFlow feed

Google's TensorFlow is an open source software library for machine learning.

Getting started with a TensorFlow surgery classifier with TensorBoard data viz

Train your own neural network to classify images, then use TensorBoard to visualize what's happening.
How to classify images with TensorFlow

Create a simple, yet powerful neural network to classify images using the open source TensorFlow software library.
How to become a data scientist

Data scientists are in high demand. This guide tells you what you need to know for a career in data science—and how to learn it.
TensorFlow brings machine learning to the masses

Google's open source machine learning library makes deep learning available to everyone.
Resources for getting started with Python and machine learning

Advance from building a first program to building a neural network.
Get started with machine learning using Python

Machine learning is an in-demand skill to add to your resume. We walk through steps for wading into machine learning with the help of Python.
Book stack

The book uses production-ready Python frameworks and provides an example end-to-end machine learning project.
3 cool machine learning projects using TensorFlow and the Raspberry Pi

TensorFlow and the Raspberry Pi are working together in the city and on the farm. Learn about three recent, innovative projects.