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Having to say, I'm not liking this attitude from "professors" at all! Teaching is all about "Standing on the shoulders of giants": disseminating the best ideas to the next generation. Surely Education is the very essence of Open Source! :/

I'd been an Apple devotee since the '80s: all my laptops were Mac, & the computers I used at work. I was one of the first to get an iPhone.

I think it was the planned obsolescence that finally got me. The fact that apps I'd downloaded (some of which I'd paid for) no longer worked because Apple updated their OS and deliberately annexed users. Then I saw Mr. Shuttleworth's pitch for the Ubuntu Phone, and I was hooked. I now happily run the latest version of Ubuntu on an old MacBook, and will wait for Convergence to update my hardware. There seems to be no depreciation in Software, and the Open Source software I use is at least as good as their proprietary counterpart.

It seems to me that institutes of education (at all levels) - often underfunded - would do well to consider FOSS. I read recently of a school in Spain (Madrid?) who'd gone completely Open Source a year ago, and never looked back. The Head of IT said that issues were down by 2/3rds! The only installation problem they had, was getting drivers for their whiteboards, but apparently the manufacturer was happy to help.