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Hello Rajeshwarji,

I completely agree... I would like to share a recent incident on this..

My father is at a managerial post in an educational organization and I was asked to provide IT consultancy to a School of their organization.

They had a requirement to set up a computer lab for the students Approx. 20 PC.

When I proposed them the configuration and required softwares the MS-Office cost went up to Just Rs.1.2 L which they refused to spend on... and then Open Office struct me and I had Installed it on every PC. They were Happy to hear about OSS Community and were very touch that student can learn without spending much...

Since then I decided that I will surely promote OSS community and it's initiative every way possible.

Hi Venky,

I have been working for GOI and have developed few web apps. i find it very difficult to explain the use of IT and web. The officials are reluctant and not ready to accept the new technology. We just say and see that we do have the technology in place but it's hardly been used.

Someone should really take some strict action and get IT actually implemented in all Sectors.

If done in Education it will be a boon.