Andrew C. Dingman

Authored Comments

You're most certainly welcome. I'd also hasten to point out that FreeIPA is an open source project, and as such no more "Red Hat's" than 389 or Fedora - my employer pays a lot of people to work on it, but it's hardly proprietary. There's also no extra charge for it as a RHEL component, so there's no sale for me to try to drive with the comments. I just like it.

No mention of FreeIPA? Admittedly, the LDAP implementation is 389 Directory Server, but if you're discussing GUI tools and Active Directory it seems like a good fit. IPA installation is extremely easy, comes with an HTML management GUI, and gives you useful pre-integrated services like Kerberos, a CA, optional management of your DNS, and so-on. For most people who might consider deploying a new directory, it should be a strong contender. I think it's easier and more full-featured than anything mentioned in the article.