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Alistair Chapman
Brisbane, AU

Alistair Chapman is an InfoSec Engineer, .NET developer and technical architect. While he's currently working at Red Hat, he's also done everything from network engineering to DevOps transformations. When not at work, Alistair is active in the .NET open-source community, including maintaining Cake (a .NET Foundation project).
All opinions are my own, and do not represent Red Hat.

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Glad you liked it Bryan! Indeed, Cake is a great project (I help maintain it!) and the .NET Foundation is a great initiative for the .NET OSS community. If you're interested you can check out the lightning talks from the recent .NET Fringe conference:

.NET Foundation:

The root user is simply the default for Microsoft's `dotnet` Docker image. Obviously, the app will run as whatever user you use to launch it, including non-root users. As you can see in the Windows screenshot, you don't need to be root.

The main goal was simply to demonstrate that you can now run .NET apps across any platform, including Docker!