Alex Băluț

Authored Comments

Thanks for mentioning Pitivi! Our project is very active. In the past years we fixed lots of bugs and polished the UI to make it stable and easy to use. Pitivi got close to version 1.0 by releasing the first RC last autumn. We are focusing a lot on stability and we want 1.0 to deserve its name. We are feature frozen on it. Stabilizing takes time but we are definitely getting there! Apart from the stabilization (which involves solving high complexity bugs in the entire stack), last year for example we had three GSoC students working on features which will be part of version 2.0.

Yes, we did not even release 1.0 and have features implemented for 2.0. Note they can be used already easily by installing the "master" branch using flatpak[0]. Similarly you can very easily install and use the "stable" branch, using flatpak. This is one reason why we're not very focused on releasing.

You don't see such a detailed video editors comparison very often, thanks for writing it. We'd appreciate if you add some more words about Pitivi. Just grab our latest stable flatpak[1] version and you are very welcomed to share your experience with us in #pitivi on freenode too and report any bug you find on gitlab[2] ;)


The many different kinds of frames are three. :) You say some are "not complete" and maybe you are right but that should not stop the software to find out how the frame at a specific moment looks.

An incomplete answer to the question would be: it depends on MLT, the backend used by Flowblade, Kdenlive, Shotcut.