Alessio Fattorini

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Particularly attracted to everything helps and encourages people to work together and cooperate

I love to build welcoming communities, connect people and work with Open Source.

Certified Community Strategist mainly focused on product-based communities, working closely with developers and users where I leverage my strong technical background as Linux Sysadmin and Support Specialist

Evangelist and international public speaker focused on Community Management and Open Source.

I have been in Nethesis for 10 years and in the last 3 I became Communications and Community Manager, specifically focused on the NethServer Community ( Linux Server Distribution that makes sysadmin's life easier)

CLSx and Italian Community Managers co-organizer, deeply involved in community managers communities around the world.

* community strategy and community marketing
* product based and support communities (particularly around Open Source projects)
* how to lead open development discussions
* branded community and relationship between a community and a company
* public speaking and evangelism
* developers communities
* discourse fan/administrator since 2014
* Deep work + productivity + plan everything.
* voracious leadership books reader

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