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Software Italian Engineer, contributor to the open source community with various projects well documented, passionate about everything related to technological processes. Various degrees and masters on the sofware and engineering processes (civil, industrial and managerial), consultant for international projects and software architectures, lover of web and mobile applications, oriented to the development and devOps automation tools. Scholar of arts, tv series in native language, open-minded, advocate of the self-improvement, and creative writer.

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Great explanation! Obviously having a professional figure in a startup like the SRE is very advantageous, even if there is a point to deal with: the budget. Unfortunately, in a small reality, where the economic resources are not so large, the SRE can end up taking care of the whole development chain as well as the management of the processes. We must be careful about this aspect, because it can establish a vicious circle from which it is difficult to get out of it.

In my opinion, I think that a noSql db, such as MongoDb and its forks, could be more suitable for the cloud purpose. However, the TiDB's features are very impressive for a sql db. Thanks for the article.