Ann Barcomb is a Research Assistant and PhD candidate at Lero, The University of Limerick, Ireland. Her research focuses on the management of episodic, or casual, volunteers in open source and builds upon her prior work comparing free software and social entrepreneurship. Before becoming a researcher, Barcomb worked as a software developer and later as a community manager at RIPE NCC. She helped organize the European Perl Hackathon 2007, Gnash Hackathon 2007, and YAPC::Europe 2001, in addition to serving on the YAPC::Europe Foundation board from 2002-2011. She has presented at OpenSym, OSS, NaMeX, FRnOG, the Dutch Perl Workshop, the Slovenian Linux Konferenca, YAPC::Europe, and OSCON.

Authored Content

Girl reaching out to the stars

Try these strategies to better utilize contributions from your project's episodic volunteers.