Authored Comments

HPC (High-Performance Computing) has become an essential aspect of scientific research, data analysis, and engineering applications. However, running HPC workloads at scale can be challenging due to the need for a large number of interconnected resources and dependencies. Containerization technology has emerged as a solution to simplify the deployment and management of complex HPC applications. Podman is a container engine that enables HPC containers to run at scale. With Podman, HPC containers can be built, run, and managed across a cluster of machines, ensuring consistent and reliable results. The ability to deploy HPC containers at scale with Podman provides a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solution for researchers and engineers to efficiently process large-scale data analysis and simulations. By leveraging containerization technology and the power of Podman, HPC workloads can be more easily executed, orchestrated, and managed in a variety of environments, from on-premises clusters to cloud-based infrastructures.