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I’ve joined RedHat in the beginning of 2018 as QE engineer. Basing on my previous experience working in other companies, I’ve found that dealing with log files is not so easy stuff, especially when tested product contains: several hosts + bunch of log files on each host.
The first time when I decided to implement some utility that will be able to at least extract Errors from logs, was about ~4 years ago, then after joining RedHat I’ve decided to improve the existing code and to make the adaptations needed to support RedHat log files.
So this is how LogTool project was actually born.

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I've recently made some changes to LogTool
1) No more "Raw Data" section in the result file.
2) Mode #1, from now you'll be able to choose between two options:
1 - analyzing all logs.
2 - analyzing Standard OSP logs only.
3) Handling all Standard Python Exceptions (~50 in total) like: ValueError, SystemError , ImportError ... e.t.c. when "Error" level is used for extract.