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Dan Barker
Kansas City, Missouri

Website: http://danbarker.codes
Email: dan@danbarker.codes

Dan spent 12 years in the military as a fighter jet mechanic before transitioning to a career in technology as a software engineer and then a manager. He was the Chief Architect at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners leading their technical and cultural transformation. He's now leading RSA Archer as their Chief Architect in their cloud migration and conversion to SaaS. Dan is also an organizer of DevOps KC and the DevOpsDays KC conference.

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Thank you so much! The Java space in this area is really interesting. It was so active a few years ago, and now a lot of the work seems to be moving into companies rather than purely open source. I think this has slowed progress there while at the same time Python has become THE language for data science. I wonder if a few more stumbling blocks with lead to even less Java for data science. I know almost all my work in that area is now done in Python or Node for lighter stuff. There's obviously still some C and Java and other languages working on the backend and with really large datasets.

Great book, and I thought it was supposed to be on here, but maybe I got mixed up with other things. Thanks for adding it here!