Authored Comments

I second nano. Great for pretty much any kind of editing in the cli. Only downside is word wrap. It will display lines on a single line or insert newline chars for you to "wrap" the lines to the width of the tty. For 95% of my cli editing needs, I don't need word wrap, but for reviewing complex log files, proper word wrap that alters the view, not the data, would correct the only flaw I see in this tool.

"When GNOME3 came out, it introduced the crazy idea of having a full-screen application launcher...... This idea was "borrowed" by Mac OS X as Launchpad".

Simple Finder. Dock. Things that go back well before the GNOME project even started.

There isn't much in tech that isn't borrowed from someone else in some capacity these days. But when a company "borrows" from it's own ancient past, it's not really borrowing, is it?