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I'm afraid it won't work unfortunately. The "Metaverse" is essentially a brand name of former Facebook already, they would spend a lot of resources into promoting it, and they wouldn't interoperate with external implementations for sure. It's pretty clear they have big plans for it, that's why they announced a few years ago that Oculus Rift would become non-functional for those who don't have a Facebook account, for example.

So, naming anything else a "metaverse" is just the same evil as "googling" in other search engines than Google: regardless of the intent, it still strengthens the monopoly and the belief that Google is *the* search engine, and others just stay in its shadow. It's better to avoid calling alternative virtual worlds a "metaverse" and come up with some independent branding for the open ecosystem instead, to highlight the supremacy over the Meta's attempt, rather than the opposite.

> PlantNet combines open source technology with

… proprietary apps.

Seriously, the title of this article is a scam: even though the backend and the content are open, and apps are free-as-in-beer, this has nothing to do with "open source mobile app".

Luckily, they have a web version, so an app is not needed actually.