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New Hampshire

Technologist, Maker, Engineer, Teacher, Author, Blogger, Traditional Woodworker

By day I am a software engineer at Red Hat.
By night I am a hardware hacker experimenting with my Arduino, Trinket, Photon and Raspberry Pi
By weekend I am a joiner working on timber frames and traditional woodworking projects.
I also teach traditional woodworking at the North Bennet Street School in Boston (America's Oldest Trade and Craft School and at the Boston Architectural College (
My Electronics + Maker blog can be found here: or @TinWhiskerzBlog
My Woodworking blog can be found here: or @TheRainford

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Hi Zoobab,
There is what I feel is a pretty good amount of leg space with this bench. (I'm sitting at it right now as I type this. ) The work surface has a reasonable overhang and when sitting upright my toes fit under the support bar for the bottom shelf -- which is adjustable or can be omitted altogether. If I want to sit back and stretch my legs I put them on the large wire shelf surface that makes up the bottom shelf (I keep the right side of that bottom shelf largely empty) and find it comfortable, like an ottoman as my feet are raised a few inches off the floor.
Take care,

Hi BJ,
Thank you for the kind note. For screw storage and similar small parts I've been using a stacking set of stack-on small plastic suitcases with lots of little compartments and a clear top that cost about $8/each at Lowes and some tiny little drawers I 3D printed. It has been fun customizing the space. I have to make a follow up post on my blog showing how I worked in a pair of monitors. I'm working on adding a keyboard tray as well.
Take care,