Authored Comments

I don't see how the Yahoo client is considered reliable. In the discussions on email clients, I find myself a lightweight user with lack of experience, yet even I can't imagine doing in Yahoo what I do in Thunderbird. First, of course, is the problem of unconsolidated clients for multiple accounts. Second, though, is that Yahoo is a mess. The page is cluttered and has little functionality. Can you easily manage 30 filters for your mail? Can you easily manage tags on mails? Can you easily read your email in the diminutive space Yahoo provides you? How about the advertising they show in the Inbox? Sorry, that's annoying, not helpful. I am also upset with the degree to which Yahoo intrudes on privacy. They read every email and keep that data for marketing purposes. Obviously, do what you like, but for the life of me I can't imagine how their "client" is considered anything but an advertising platform designed to optimize customer control.