Anthony Papillion

Authored Comments

Great article!

Personally, I think the 'classroom of the future' will be a classroom that doesn't really exist. We might not get there in 10 years but there are already efforts underway to decentralize the learning experience and uncouple it from the physical classroom.

I'd love to see a school that runs completely virtually. Students will attend from home by either video conference or maybe even in a virtual world like Second Life and teachers could teach from anywhere. The costs savings alone would be astronomical and it would almost certainly guarantee a better education experience.

Almost everything is in place for such a system now. The main thing stopping it is that we're stuck in an old-mind model of what education looks like. We believe it has to be classroom based, in one location, etc. Once we bust out of that model and are open to exploring the alternatives, amazing transformations to our educational system are going to happen.

I voted 'no' in this poll even though I have run into a few DRM headaches in the past. The reason I voted no is because I look at DRM a little differently than some people.

When I come across a content provider that protects their content via DRM, I automatically view that provider as someone who 1) is an adversary and 2) who doesn't value my business very much. So, instead of going through hoops to use the content (some people even specifically have virtual environment set up JUST to use protected content!), I simply choose not to do business with that provider. If they don't value my business, then they don't deserve it in the first place.