Charlie Arehart

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Since the focus here is on "commands", I suspect some readers would appreciate hearing that they can set system env vars from the command line, not just the gui. See the `setx` command, available since Windows XP. Use its /m arg (since Windows 7) to set the var as a system env var--though curiously that won't take effect in the current command window. More at

There is also an available powershell cmdlet, SetEnvironmentVariable.

Thanks for sharing this. I'm a long-time fan of ranger. Others may well propose alternative cli-based ui options for listing files, such as perhaps even within other tools or editors. For folks who don't use those other tools already though, ranger fits the bill for easily viewing files and folders.

If you're open to feedback, it would help to list the arrow keys in addition to the letter keys for moving up/down, etc. I know you mention the arrows in passing earlier in the article. But folks scanning the article and seeing that "file ops" list could be misled to think only letter keys are supported, which could put some off.

The ease of using arrow keys is what makes ranger so helpful/natural for folks dealing with Linux only occasionally--or newly and until they learn such traditional letter keys, for use in other tools.