Catherine Louis is a Certified Scrum TrainerTM, independent Agile coach, founder of,, and founding member of Tech Ladies®. When she's not helping companies with their business agility efforts, she's busy with Search and Rescue - focused on training dogs and their handlers how to find and rescue missing people.

Authored Content

Open lightbulbs.

Constructing your meetings with open organization principles in mind can help you avoid wasted time, effort, and talent.
A hand reaching out.

One-one-one meetings are opportunities for growth. But that's only possible if you're transparent and collaborative about them.
old school calculator

This game builds risk mitigation into your workflow before iteration planning to decrease security threats.
failure sign at a party, celebrating failure

The only way your team will meet its goals: experiment, fail, adjust, and learn.
people in different locations who are part of the same team

Innovation requires experimentation. Here's how to foster an environment that encourages your team to try out new ideas.

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Question and answer.

See what practices, principles, and patterns have influenced DevOps leaders' careers, and share your own wisdom.
Q and A letters

We asked the DevOps team to talk about their experience as DevOps introverts and to give DevOps extroverts some advice. Here are their answers.