C. Beerse

Authored Comments

As a sys-admin, I find myself on systems on which I can only use tools that are pre-installed (with the os-installation) and I do need to check the connection to an other system.
First shot: `ping`. That shows the route to the remote system is there and icmp is not blocked by any firewall in between.

Now I need to check if the service on a port at the remote side is available. Therefor I neet a tool that I can give the remote side and the port number and it shows there is life at the other side.

Give me any other tool than telnet that can do this for me. Be noted: The restrictoins include: Available straight after os-installation.

At school, studying computer science, we used the book on Minix from A.Tanenbaum. At my first job I programmed on unix computers (Dec ultrix and SunOS at the time). At home with my first computer I found Linux as an alternative for minix. I recall a single CD-rom with 4 or 5 distributions on it: all floppy-images to be written and used for installation. One of them was slackware. Folling distributions included Debian, RedHat, Suse, Gentoo (on HP-UX hardware), Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, PyOS and the linux variants in switches, nas-devices, phones and such.