Chris Long

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Brisbane, Australia

I'm a Senior Systems Engineer @ Red Hat working in Brisbane, Australia

I have over 20 years of hands on IT engineering experience including 10+ years’ hands on management in both the creative and corporate worlds. I also have 10+ years’ in the digital creative domain as a devops engineer and VFX operator.

I have a veracious passion for cutting edge technologies and am very interested in the UX of all tech. I believe that good user experience is the key to adoption of a production.

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Thanks Robyn for the comments.
I've always been one to remain critical from the point of view of being a typical user. I'm not a fan of reading fanboi reviews that say that all things are rosie just because it's the platform they love.
My attitude is that of someone who loves the platform but also understands that it has a way to go to get majority acceptance for everyday users and I definitely want to see that being the case in years to come. So I will continue to voice my articles in this way.

Thanks again.

Hi Rob.
It depends entirely on what your purpose is. There are a few options available that will be useful to you.