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I'm the senior DBA and Open Data Engineer for Wake County, NC. That means I spend half my time protecting data and making sure only the right people can see it and the other half of my time freeing all the data for everyone to see. It's amazing that I'm not crazier than I am.

I love giving back to the community and helping others and have found "my tribe" in the civic hacking community here in North Carolina. You'll find me helping out wherever I can except when I'm relaxing with my wife Tracy and four legged child Shadow.

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Is there a civic hacker in you?

There is a civic hacker in you! He or she is in there... I promise! Today, technology has evolved into a perfect storm of open source tools, code, social networks, and lots of…

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As an alternative to Trello(not saying it's bad) I would recommend It does all the things Trello does and it is tightly tied into Github. The cards are actually Github issues/tasks. Just something to look at as well.

Thanks. That means a lot.