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Great article about checkmk. Thank you very much.

Hey Catherine,
thank you so much for this great summary for better meetings. I just want to add a tool to the list of your point 2 "use tools to be more inclusive". Since some weeks I use seatable as a tool for the meeting preparation (agenda setting) and also for the documentation of the meeting. the main advantage is: it is free, it can combine text and files, it is browser based.. there is also an english article about how to get the most out of it. probably interesting for some of the readers:
In addition companies could save so much time by taking these points serious. Especially point 6 "be punctual" is so important. I had so many meetings where so many persons waisted their time waiting for one guy (or woman) for beeing late. The excuse is often everybody wanted to be polite and therefore the meeting does not start.
Best regards