Chris Rainey

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Another interesting article, Alan.

I might point out, that--in my experience...Windows 10 needs a minimum of 40 GB and preferably 80 GB due to "Windows Updates" that will quickly swamp a 20 GB partition. Now add on software and you'll blow past the 20 GB in a very short period of time.


Great article, Alan. I've looked into the various ways to use Gnome-Boxes as a replacement for VirtualBox, etc. and the best solution for me, in order to get USB-3 device passthrough and LAN access for the occasional Windows program, is to setup the VM using "virt-manager' and selecting the 'qemu:///session" connector instead of using the default 'qemu:///system' connector. This allows the selection of all appropriate devices in the build of the VM and then the ease-of-use by GNOME Boxes for day-to-day access. I think it would be helpful if you covered this use case for new users of Linux and how they can still access their Windows apps while learning or migrating fully to Linux as their daily driver.