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Those are some gorgeous screenshots, BTW. Wish I could make my desktop look like that.

I remember the days of distro-hopping, but I've since settled on Fedora and Slackware when it comes to Linux. Within the last 5 years, I've been spending more time in BSD land and I've settled on FreeBSD and OpenBSD, the latter running on my older Toshiba laptop and the newly-revived EeePC 901 that I hadn't touched since 2014 because of btrfs issues that apparently were resolved when I reseated the SSD. I've got FreeBSD serving up files at work using Samba to replace Windows Server 2003 at both my work sites; no one is the wiser.

I can say without a doubt that I have no intention of looking back towards the restrictions of Windows and macOS. The future looks bright with FOSS.

Since I use MATE primarily, MATE Screenshot is what I use. If a DE provides a screenshot utility, I usually use that. If it's any other window manager, scrot FTW.