John Coonen

Authored Comments

Ego, left unchecked, blinds us to the point at which we think we are innovating in a vacuum.

Apple doesn't listen, and that's why they succed? That's total crap. We know that's total bull, but our ego sure wants to believe it. So, we ingest it, and use that point the next time a user with a valid point might sound a bit too risk averse for our liking. Not smart, if we want an authentic, and successful outcome.

Every time a transaction occurs, Apple and Ikea listen. Call it market-driven or user-driven, it is loud and clear, and their hearing is tuned in to that frequency better than most, especially lately.

Don't believe everything you read in Fast Company. Ego-centric success fluff sells issues, but doesn't provide a very realistic nor healthy perspective for today's honest entrepreneur.