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First elected president and co-founder of Tokyo Linux Users Group. Co-author of "Linux Japanese Environment" book published by O'Reilly Japan. Part of core team that established first ISP in Asia. Former VP of product management and product marketing for major Linux company. Partner at Oppkey, developer relations consulting firm in Silicon Valley.

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What a great topic. I'm going to start using some of these fonts right now. Thanks for putting this together.

Kivy is a great framework and is also great on tablet and mobile devices. The one downside is that it's a bit tough for middle school kids. I did some lessons using pygame and Simple Game Code for my son a while back. SGC is simple, as the name states. Also, Pygame isn't intended for GUI applications. The upside is that pygame is simple to use, even for elementary school kids. Leveraging knowledge from Pygame to introduce GUI fundamentals with SGC is useful. The combination might also be good for simple prototypes. More information here: