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Great points, Robert.

Indeed, employees working on Open Source products need to get paid.


And depending on the project that can be achieved through a company's profit, or donations.

Some industries/projects can make a profit through the sales of services only. Others require different strategies, as the additional services that can be sold would not make enough profits to keep the team working a growing... And if you are to evolve a system to keep it up to date and competitive against incumbents you do need to grow.

Even if you build a big community of developers you do need full time coordination for their work.

I have not seen a single Open Source project of the dimensions of Feng Office succeed without the financial support of a business model that backs it up. Sometimes it is the same company that provides the profits (Automattic, Feng Office), and sometimes there is a bigger company sponsoring the projects of others (Red Hat, Google).

Thank you for the compliments, Joshua.

We agree with you on the message not being good. I have already created a task for the dev team to look into it that issue.

You are welcome to report more details on the bug you found here:

On your concerns about the Professional Edition vs the Community Edition, I am happy to address any issue.

Conrado Vina
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