Cornelius Kölbel

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Cornelius is into multi factor authentication since 2004.

He is the project lead of the MFA system privacyIDEA.

As a consultant Cornelius learnt to understand customers requirements in

heterogeneous networks first hand. He planned and implemented several

public key infrastructures for smartcard usage and was one of the first

to work on the interoperability of the Aladdin eToken between Windows and Linux.

In 2006 he started one of the the first open source one time password systems

implementing the HOTP algorithm. In 2009 he initiated an enterprise

OTP solution as product manager. In 2014 he kicked off the open source

privacyIDEA project. It is a vendor independent authentication system,

which can be used to manage arbitrary authentication objects to implement

many different ways of multi factor authentication.

Cornelius is the founder of the company NetKnights, which provides consulting and services for multi factor authentication an privacyIDEA.

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