Craig Sebenik

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San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA

Currently, an SRE at Aurora.

I have been at large companies and small ones. I have seen amazing growth (at LinkedIn and NetApp) and a couple completely fall apart. I am passionate about how SRE (and DevOps, in general) can change how online software is developed and managed.

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If you are asking about just a web server (without discussing any kind of blogging software), then I use nginx. That is what all of my recent companies have used, so that is what I am most familiar with.

If you are looking for something Python-specific, then I use Flask. It's pretty lightweight. But, it's pretty minimal, which works for me. (FTR; one company I worked for a year or so ago was pretty heavily invested in Django. It worked well and had lots of bells and whistles. But, when I tried it for personal stuff, it was a bit much to bite off. Flask has much less "built in", but it was easy to get up and running.)

Hope that helps.