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I have two machines running Linux 24/7 right now, on old hardware, both Ubuntu, but both upgraded to use SSDs. Unfortunately, one of the two started out as a 32 bit install, though the processor is a Pentium D and should be 64 bit capable - so a re-install is in its future (fortunately, being a firewall, there isn't much I will have to do for the reinstall.). Or, it might simply get replaced by the latest Raspberry Pi when the time comes - not very expensive, and consumes less power, and donate its innards to other projects.

Unfortunately, at least for Ubuntu (yeah, I know you guys are Fedora) they have dropped support for 32 bit processors in their latest LTS version, so I am likely going to have to replace two Linux machines in the next couple of years - one of them probably with a Raspberry Pi, but the other probably will get a new motherboard and new install.