I'm working as "Senior Opensource Middleware Expert" at "Technical
Management/Competence Center Middleware" division for "TelecomItalia
Information Technology".
I'm also cofounder of a small italian business called "TuxWeb S.r.l."
working ONLY with opensource stuff.

I was a cofounder of the DBaaS startup NuvolaBase L.t.d. in 2012
with Luca Garulli, the actual CEO of Orient Technologies.

In the beginning I was a Commodore 64 and then MS-DOS lover, since I
started using GNU Linux (Slackware and Debian) in 1996 in a optional
afternoon school course.

I don't have great experience in community aggregation, but I love writing
code and studying new open technologies.
My preferred code licenses are GPL,...

Authored Content

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Middleware expert Dino Ciuffetti clearly remembers his first encounter with Linux back in 1996.