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Daniel James
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Daniel James is the director of 64 Studio Ltd, a company developing GNU/Linux products for OEMs and R&D labs. He was one of the founders of the linuxaudio.org consortium, which promotes the use of GNU/Linux and Free Software in the professional audio field. Daniel is the author of Crafting Digital Media (Apress) and has contributed to LinuxUser & Developer, Linux Format and Sound on Sound magazines.

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Hi, the I2S audio interface of the BeagleBone or Raspberry Pi can run with very low latency in full-duplex mode, even when using C or C++ plugins. The goal of the OpenMHA project is to evaluate portable code in field trials without premature optimisation. Please bear in mind that research devices like these don't need to be shrunk to the size of (or have the battery life of) commercially available hearing aids for end users.