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I need to get your opinion about VPN and Linux relation. I have gone through to one of the article related to vpn for linux here https://www.criticthoughts.com/vpn/best-vpn-for-linux/ and i am amazed that VPN is that much necessary for Linux? Definitely, that is not the case. Someone do not need a third-party VPN. Your media server needs to also be a VPN server in its own right. This is what you need.

Also, need to ask yourself, is all that work, and the attendant security issues, worth the bother just to watch videos in a coffee shop when all you need do is copy your video files to the device or to a flash drive before you go out for coffee.

Finally, if, it might be beyond the current expertise then I recommend simply setting the media server up so that it can be accessed only from the internal network. At a later date, when your expertise is better informed, look at setting up your own VPN server at that time.