Authored Comments

A very good and correct article. Work and fun - for many employees these two words are unthinkable in the same context. We perceive the office as a place where you only have to work from 10:00 to 19:00 and where a good mood is a creation of the subordinates themselves, but not the bosses. The director is obliged to set tasks and monitor their implementation, and what mood his employees are in - a secondary issue. This is not the case in our company. Our director plans both the work and the fun of the whole team. We work in a writing company and every day we do online essay writer service, communicating with students who are in a difficult situation and their mood is transmitted to us, so we need to relieve stress. Perhaps for this reason, according to a study of our employees, 20% of office workers are dissatisfied with communication with the team, and 28% are uncomfortable with the relationship with management. This is a large percentage that can have a negative impact on team performance and company profits.